Who We Are

Welcome: Ets AGRO AFRIC is a family owned company, with facilities in Cameroon, Tanzania and Representative offices in US, France and Canada. AGRO AFRIC is a full service producer, import & export company specializing in 100 % Agricultural Products for todayís rare and exotic items, and has continued to thrive on its success since 2013..
Our mission: Is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in Africa and worldwide, offering our clients the best quality products Africa has to offer.
Values: To maintain transparency between our producers and clients, and continue the practice of fair trade.

Our team provides Grade – A agricultural products insights into the needs and requirements of our customers, providing a unique and high quality services advantage.

Our deep and extensive relationships allow us to efficiently and effectively implement and execute these strategies for our clients.

AGRO AFRIC also offers investors thoughtful investment strategies guided by its research-based approach to the development of investment strategies and the construction of investment portfolios.

AGRO AFRIC is always looking to grow. If you are interested in joining the AGRO AFRIC team, please send us your message by visiting our contact page.

Our Mission

Our people form the organisational fortification that defines AGRO AFRIC true competitive advantage. They are the architects of our future, transforming our culture into a unifying force for our global businesses. Applied consistently across product, geography and functional boundaries, it is this culture that elevates our capabilities into strengths, enabling us to compete and win new products and regions.

At the heart of our drive for success are our values, the tangible expression of our corporate culture. We live our values with both conviction and enthusiasm, making it a shared workplace philosophy to live and breathe them daily.

We have been very successful in retaining our talent, providing them with diverse experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our senior management team for example, comprises over 30 top managers that have worked an average period of 5 years in AGRO AFRIC. The key to this high retention rate is our people-sensitive work environment, one with multiple staff touch points to ensure the speedy resolution of personal issues.