About US

Welcome: Ets AGRO AFRIC is a family owned company, with facilities in Cameroon, Tanzania and Representative offices in US, France and Canada. AGRO AFRIC is a full service producer, import & export company specializing in 100 % Agricultural Products for todayís rare and exotic items, and has continued to thrive on its success since 2013..
Our mission: Is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in Africa and worldwide, offering our clients the best quality products Africa has to offer.
Values: To maintain transparency between our producers and clients, and continue the practice of fair trade.

Our team provides Grade – A agricultural products insights into the needs and requirements of our customers, providing a unique and high quality services advantage.

Our deep and extensive relationships allow us to efficiently and effectively implement and execute these strategies for our clients.

AGRO AFRIC also offers investors thoughtful investment strategies guided by its research-based approach to the development of investment strategies and the construction of investment portfolios.

AGRO AFRIC is always looking to grow. If you are interested in joining the AGRO AFRIC team, please send us your message by visiting our contact page.

Our people form the organisational fortification that defines AGRO AFRIC true competitive advantage. They are the architects of our future, transforming our culture into a unifying force for our global businesses. Applied consistently across product, geography and functional boundaries, it is this culture that elevates our capabilities into strengths, enabling us to compete and win new products and regions.

At the heart of our drive for success are our values, the tangible expression of our corporate culture. We live our values with both conviction and enthusiasm, making it a shared workplace philosophy to live and breathe them daily.

Entrepreneurship ñ ëwe dare to dreamí

– We continuously seek unique opportunities and act upon them at every level in the organisation.
– We promote intelligent risk taking when the potential rewards are great.
– We make it safe for our managers to fail occasionally as a learning process.
– We eat our own cooking. We encourage our people to participate in the risk and rewards of the business by putting their net worth at risk through taking equity stakes in the business.

Stretch & Ambition ñ ëour passion for doing moreí – We instill ambition and aspire for high standards of success.

– We shape our ambition through inducting a unique point of view of the future of our businesses.
– We embed the desire to achieve that which seems beyond our grasp.
– We demonstrate discretionary effort and passion for doing more than expected.

Partnerships ñ ëwe strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our partnersí

– We understand and respect our customersí and suppliersí needs.
– We strive to develop positive and long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers.
– We endeavour to achieve high customer and supplier satisfaction.

Mutual Respect & Teamwork ñ ëwe treat each other the way we want to be treatedí

– We show respect for each other and points of view through responsible, open, two way communication.
– We value the diversity among our colleagues in style, language and talent.
– We actively share information and ideas in a boundary-less manner regardless of business unit or self interest.
– We encourage widespread participation in our decision making process.

Integrity ñ ëwe stay true to what we believe, say and doí

– We always strive to do the right thing.
– We are committed to fostering sustainable and responsible business practices.
– We promote ideas, projects and people based on merit in an objective and unbiased way.

Ownership ñ ëWe take responsibility as if we were founders of the businessí

– We demonstrate ownership mindset in everything we do.
– We show an intensity to win.
– We deliver on our role and responsibilities. We make and deliver on commitments.
– We set high standards for execution excellence through continuous improvement.
– We strive to organise to get things right the first time.

At AGRO AFRIC, we continue to hire, engage, develop and retain both leaders and a diverse high-quality workforce, providing both with an inclusive work environment. Our employees worldwide work alongside many unique individuals ñ entrepreneurs, technical specialists, suppliers, customers, government stakeholders ñ all doing their best to achieve mutual success.

We have been very successful in retaining our talent, providing them with diverse experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our senior management team for example, comprises over 30 top managers that have worked an average period of 5 years in AGRO AFRIC. The key to this high retention rate is our people-sensitive work environment, one with multiple staff touch points to ensure the speedy resolution of personal issues.